Friday, November 18, 2011

Marathon Weekend - continued

So, I've shared with you the ups and downs of the marathon itself.  I will probably share my reflections on the overall journey with you later - when I am able to process it all.

But for the rest of you who want to know everything....

After we made it up to the room (should I tell you our key didn't work and we had to return to the desk to get a new one?), I promptly slumped onto the bed.  NOt because of bad cardio or endurance - I feel like I could've run/walked forever except I had an excruciating painful ITB issue.  I slumped more in pain.  And then I feel asleep.  Which is really gross.

After all, our time was 6:04:33.  So we had walked/run for 6 hours, without refueling (except for 3 gus & a PerfectFit Protein cookie at the finish line) and we were still in running clothes.  It was gross because it's that moment when you wake up and you realize that nasty smell is you.  And then you try to take off the run gear but it's basically glued to your skin because of the damp, sweaty salt has become a gluelike fixture.  However, that's not the worst of it.

I had fallen asleep with my knee bent.  Remember this:

Probably should've never bent it.  Because Chris had to literally pull it straight and I'm pretty sure anyone on our floor heard me yell and cry like a baby.

But finally able to stand - it became apparent that as long as I kept moving and kept the knee relatively straight, I'd be okay.  And I was STARVING!!!    Remember that cold pasta and bread basket from the night before?  Yep, devoured.

And then we headed to our second favorite place:

I look delirious because I was starving, in pain and sunburned!!  Don't judge.

And for dessert, I tried to eat this (which probably looks familiar to another blog post earlier):

But could only muster this much:

Which back at the hotel lead to this conversation between Perfect Pacer & Myself:

"Did you put the cake in the fridge?"
"No, why? Do you think it should go in the fridge?"
"Yes, probably."
"Then, whoever is less sore should go put it in there"
"ummm, maybe it'll be okay if it isn't in there"
"yep, pretty sure it's just fine"
(and it was, because I scarfed the rest of it at 2 am when I awoke with random hunger pains)

And finally, to top off the perfection of the weekend (really?),Perfect Pacer took care of this little detail:

So the question is already posed:  Will we run another one?
To which we readily reply: "no".

But we are part of the 1% who have.   And that's way more cool then the 99% who won't.

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