Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flip Belt Review & Giveaway!!

For about a month now, I've been running with my new FlipBelt.  For quite some time, I've been on the hunt for the perfect running belt to keep my house key, DL and my iphone in.

The quest really started almost 2 years ago - when I began running with arm bands but really didn't like the way they squeezed my arm, leaving a band or sometimes a rash.  It always seemed like I had to make continual adjustments to it as well and sometimes had to add velcro to the straps in order to get them small enough to fit around my arms.

I soon tossed the armbands and opted for a SpiBelt.  At initial use, I loved it.  Once I got it tight enough to quit bouncing up and down.  But it never failed, to loosen itself up by mile 6.  I really wanted just one running belt that once I put it on, I no longer have to think about it, let alone spend my time adjusting it mid run.

After researching some of the newer running products, I came across FlipBelt.  It seemed pretty simple. A band of material, sewn together to make little slit openings in which you put a key, a DL, a CC, and an Iphone (and you don't have to remove the otter box).  Then you flip the belt in it's entirety so that the slits are next to your skin.  Nothing falls out.

So....they courteously sent me one.

Upon first examination, I just couldn't imagine such a simple concept would actually work.  Surely my key would find it's way out.  Surely this thing would wiggle and jiggle and work it's way around my body somehow.  It simply couldn't work.  Or so I thought.

Here's a video on exactly how it works.

I went with Black in XS.  Big Surprise.  I wanted Pink.   However, I don't always wear pink running gear and sometimes I wear team colors so black was safe.

Here's some of the cool colors they have:

My first run out the door, I was skeptical.  I just knew the simple concept couldn't work.  I loaded it with the key and the iphone (in its otter box).  Flipped it in (remember, I am doubtful this is going to work), and head out on the trail.  I found that the most comfortable for me is having the phone in the small of my back so I made a quick adjustment twisting the belt so that the phone was cradled against my back and I ran.  For 10 miles.

Not once did I make an adjustment.  I did however, make sure it was still there several times.  It's lightweight, it doesn't twist, it doesn't jiggle, it doesn't mysteriously stretch while your running.

Of course after 10 miles in the Oklahoma humidity, I was drenched and so was my FlipBelt, so I promptly "flipped" it into the washer. Which I have never been able to do with any of my armbands, or numerous other running belts I had tried.

Voila - it was as fresh as a daisy and it didn't fade.  Okay - tests 1 and 2 are complete.  But could it keep this up for numerous repeat performances?  Ever the cynic, I set out the next day to see if I could defeat the FlipBelt.

It's been almost a month now, I've run every day - from 4 miles to 12 miles and not once have I had a complaint about my new running buddy - FlipBelt.  It will be joining me for Route 66 Marathon in November, where my Perfect Pacer (the hubster) and I will not only do the full but will go for the detour as well! (After all, what's another .3 miles to a 26.2?)

What's even better news - is that they are letting me give one of them away (which I wouldn't do, if I didn't think you'd be thrilled to have such an awesome new running tool yourself)!

So here's how to win one:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you don't win, then you can still get a great deal from FlipBelt by using this coupon code 'RWTDO' for 10% off your order. Please be aware that the discount code is only good for about 30 days so use it or lose it!! 

Here's wishing you all good luck!  See you on the trails...

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Karen said...

I just found out about this belt a few days ago. It looks awesome! I have been searching for the perfect running belt forever.