Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolution Thoughts

Long time no Blog!  New Year's Resolution:  blog consistently.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way....

Too often people use Christmas and the holidays as an excuse not to exercise and over eat.  Then they hit the gym the first day of January with good intentions of hitting the gym every single day.  Now think about that....these are the same people who would rather over eat and not exercise and then have to pay penance in the gym on the first day of January, mentally beating themselves up for overeating sweets and other guilt laden foods.

If this is you - be aware!  You will make yourself more miserable by making a New Years Resolution that is just setting yourself up for failure.  By making such a resolution as hitting the gym daily, especially if your not that disciplined, will cause you more angst throughout the year then help you in fulfilling your resolve.

Frankly, I think resolutions are over rated.  Secondly, I've never understood why we have to way to New Years day to make them.  Can't they be made any time during the year when you realize you need to change something?  After all, if March comes and you realize you need to start implementing a healthier lifestyle or a more organized paperwork system, do you really have to wait to January of the following year to make the changes?  NO!

If you were insistent on making the dreaded "lose weight, workout more" resolution on January 1, take this to heart.  You can also change that plan.  And you probably ought to.  Then you should write it out.  And put on your mirror or fridge.  Somewhere you'll see it every day.  But don't be over zealous.  Make it realistic.

For example, you can't suddenly throw everything you've ever eaten out and the next day begin eating 100% healthy. Your body, your mind and your emotional self will not be happy with you.  Some things must be implemented slowly in order for full success to achieve.

But beware: 

If you are wanting a more clean eating lifestyle, try these simple steps:
1.  Substitute Truvia or Stevia for sugar.  A natural sugar substitute without the calories.
2. Quit eating anything white (potatoes, bread, flour, pasta, etc).
3. Eat more veggies in their natural state.  As much as possible.  I love uncooked green beans.  Most people don't.  You should be eating about 5 servings of these a day.  Great in fiber, micronutrients and antioxidants!
4. Eat more fruit - not dipped in caramel or peanut butter but enjoy the natural flavor.  Don't worry, it'll grow on you.
5.  Eat lean cuts of clean meat - such as lean beef, lean turkey breast, chicken, tilipia, and salmon.
6. Incorporate a meatless monday into your lifestyle - you'll be amazed at what it does to your grocery bill and your system will thank you.
7. cut out all fruit juices, vegetable juices and soda pops.  Focus on water, green tea and coffee.
8. Add 1 piece of dark chocolate - it's a great reward for working hard and you'll help keep your sweet tooth at bay.
9. Cut out all processed foods.
10. Quit visiting the fast food restaurants - in stead,  pack your lunch and snacks in a cooler the night before and when you head off for work, you simply grab and are taken care of for the whole day.  I pack a slew of veggies (carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and squash) are my favorites!  I also will pack a boiled egg and a greek yogurt.
11.  Limit your pre-packaged food.  I subscribe to the caveman theory - if I can hunt it or grow it, then I eat it.  I've never understood how to eat a box.

Whatever you do, don't think you can do all 11 in one day. I advise clients to make one change each week.  You'll notice the weight dropping as you go and it will fuel your desire to continue making the healthy lifestyle changes.

For more about eating clean and healthy, there are a number of websites you can  check out - such as clean eat., the gracious pantry, and of course, you could google Clean Eat or Paleo Diet.  You can also google Bible Diet and get a list of great clean foods and clean meats.

A lot of people ask why I eat the way I do - which I try to eat clean 90% of the time, knowing that life happens and sometimes I don't have a choice in my foods - my response is explained below:

I have girls in my life that I must model good nutrition and exercise for.  

As well as: 

I've still got to keep up with him.  And of course, 

there's the love of my life.  I want as many years with him as I can get!  

So whatever your reason for New Year's resolutions, and whatever they may be, I encourage you to give them thought and implement a strategy so that you will have success with them.  That way, next year, your resolution will simply be "to keep up the good work".  
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