Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Blog....

Dear Blog...

it's been too long.  It's been way busy.  And if it hasn't been way busy, then I've been way unmotivated.

The oldest got married! 

At sunset, on a rooftop in Oklahoma. 

It was pretty awesome.  

Then two weeks later, we traveled back to Oklahoma for Chris' high school reunion. 

Which is always great, because we always get to connect with some of our favorite people. 

and we get to reconnect with newer friends - 

and even squeeze in a five mile run with them!  Wahoo!!

Then two weeks later, 

The middle child graduated from High School.  Which included 13 people in our small 3 bedroom cottage. 

Which was followed immediately by a weekend trip to Dallas to celebrate with more family! 

and then two weeks after that...

we celebrated 23 years of marriage!

And now...

Camp Season begins.  I'm off to begin about 6 weeks of camps, with 2 days home in between.

And all this while I've continued my training and have managed to log an average of 65 miles a week.

That's probably what has kept me sane.  And the weight down.  Because lordy knows, when you have this many events, this close together, it seems like all you do is eat.

So dear Blog, if you don't hear from me for a while, rest assured, that I'm carrying on with my training, and helping lead kids to Christ through camp ministry and squeezing in some family through it all.  And maybe, if I survive, you'll hear from me again.

In August.

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