Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taper Week.....ugh!

Today, we spent 8 hours in the truck (my beast) with the kids, the hubby and all important things heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Route 66 Marathon and Half.  As many of you know, I adore this Marathon and Half for a number of reasons (bling, tech shirts, finish line perfectionism, VIP treatment areas, expo, packet pick up ease, etc).

But I did manage to get a quick 45 minute run (hey, don't judge me - Hal Higdon said I could do a 45 minute run as an intermediate runner) super early this morning in.  And I mean 7 am.  Which is super early.  And on an empty stomach - which is controversial.  I managed to get 5 miles in at an easy pace - on a 5% incline which is a super low incline for me.

Again, don't judge - it was cold, the Perfect Pacer slept it - I got them in didn't I?

Anyway - here's the controversy -

I recently read that you should train your body to do a run on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.  I also read (in the same magazine by different author) that you should fuel properly.  I have always strived to fuel properly before a run.  So I decided today to try the former idea of no fuel, early run.  Sucked.  Won't do it again.

I'll be more then happy to wake up 2 hours early on Sunday to eat, process and then run.  I'll have a better run.  I won't worry about bonking.  I won't worry about digestive issues.  I will worry if my Perfect Pacer will make it though (he has a bad back and hasn't run in weeks with me).

So, we made it to Tulsa after that excited 8 hour drive with kids (okay, you know I'm lieing now) and landed at sister n laws and brother in laws house.  Proceeeded to distribute children to various cousins' house, meet mother in law for a more then satisfying tex mex dinner (shout out to Peppers Restaurant) and have finally finished our 5th grade math (sorry if it is wrong) and ready for some much needed sleep.

Best thing about a drive - forced relaxation of legs and enforced taper routine.  We'll hit Riverside drive for a quick 3 tomorrow and that's it for me.  Somehow, Perfect Pacer has scored a massage and round of golf afterwards.  WHAT?????

Can't wait for our Blogger Forum and Tweet up on Saturday!!  And expo, and all things awesome at the expo!!

Shout out to the Route 66 runners!!!  What is on your agenda for the weekend?
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