Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ramblings of a Runner....

Okay - here's a few random thoughts that are going through my mind lately.  I thought I'd humor entertain bore you with them...

1.  This sucks.  No matter if you really want to move to a new destination - whether it be local or to another state - this sucks.  You learn whether you are a hoarder or not.  You realize that you are a lot more materialistic then you thought you were.  You learn there is never enough tape, paper or boxes for all your crap!

2.  I'm loving these.  I got these a few weeks ago one a very impromptu run with the hub.  I just went "to look" but,.. (we all know I have a shoe issue).  Perfect Pacer got the same pair.  We love them.  They are feather light and I feel like I'm flying.  However, they have no stability and so I keep kicking myself in the ankles so they are really getting painful.  I switched back to my Saucony's just to see how they'd feel after such a switch and it was like running with bricks on my feet.  These are Adidas Boost.  They are a bit pricier then I like but they promise that they take double the mileage of regular runners - so that totally offsets the cost.  I just wish they had colors because this is pretty much your choice.

3.  I can't live without this.  You can sell everything in  my house but don't you even think about touching this.  I got it from my mama for Christmas and it is a most delightful luxury but now it is necessity.  My favorite flavor is the Folger's Caramel Drizzle.  What's yours?

4.  I'm having a total obsession  Here are some of my favorites - I'm noticing a similar theme between them.    I've been asked to slow it down.  Or I'll have to attend a 12 step program.

5. My new favorite running bra - is from Walmart!  LOVE IT!!  Love it because of the support, the inability to have "push through", and the cost.  Who doesn't love a piece of running gear that does it all and is a great price???  What's your favorite running gear?

6.  My favorite T!  No words needed.  Vintage store purchase.  Double win for me.

6.  I'm totally digging the 7 day shred.  I'm doing it with a group of facebook ladies - we keep each other accountable and I only personally know one of them.  Several of us are trainers, coaches and nutritionists so it's a great group of women who are honest (brutally) about their body image and lifestyles.  If you haven't ready my BBD post, you can access it here.  This is why it is so important for me to be a part of this group - they quiet the evil voice that dwells within.  But the 7 day shred is truely in line with how I eat in my lifestyle anyway - it has reminded me that for me, structure is great and what I need, that I let the protein slide most frequently from my diet but when I eat it properly and enough, I make massive gains losses.  I'm on day 3 and I've already dropped 7 pounds.  Which is unusual for me.  I don't have a lot to lose but I did gain a few pounds from my last visit afar  (Oklahoma).  If you want to join me on the 7 day shred, you can find the details here.  BTW, I'm doing the shred for a total of 12 days (because I'm a freak).

And finally...

7.  Totally hated.... Before the 7 day shred, we decided to try some power shakes - Green Monsters.  Hated them!  I'd rather chew my food.

So...what are some of your favorites?  Ever try a green monster? 
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