Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Training & Traveling -

Let's be honest - sometimes it is just hard to stay on task with training while traveling!  There is always some place you need to be, some people you need to see and it seems like your constantly on the go - at least, that's how our vacays usually play out.

So how do you stay on task while traveling?  You make a plan, Stan.  You need to put just as much thought into your travel training as you do to your actual travel plans.  For example,

we recently went to Tulsa for Spring Break.  Lots of family there, a little bit of pre-move research, some house hunting, some work.  A mix of everything.  One of the things we love most about Tulsa is the River Park area.  It's awesome - complete with a mix of park benches and play areas, as well as a bike path and run path.

First day out, we got to run on the path - we ran 1 mile, then did a HIITS cycle of 25 burpees, 25 pushups, 25 tricep dips.  We repeated this cycle 5 times.  It was a great workout - it took only a total of 60 minutes and I felt like I had accomplished something.  Which is great, when you see what food I've been gorging on!!

Day Two was cold - so I stuck to my sister in laws treadmill for a quick 4 mile run.  Then we found a run club that was running 4 miles that night, so we joined them!  Totes fun!

Day three - no one wanted to go with me.  And since I have that whole deal of not running alone - I was stuck on the treadmill again - but I managed a 6 miler and was satisfied.  They may not be the huge numbers I'd usually get,  but it is helping me deal with travel and vacay stress, and with all the food and socializing that's going on, it's bound to be helping with keep some of that away as well!

I'm resigned to another TM run today.  We woke up with every intention of hitting the trails but when it is below freezing, no one seems to want to go with me.  And when the news broadcast how they just closed down a local sex trafficking ring, it just reminds me that I made a deal with Perfect Pacer to never go out alone.  :(  SO I guess I'll go back to my 1 mile/HIITS plan - at least I'll get some good cardio and a few arms in which is better then climbing back into the warm bed for a long winter nap!

How do you stay fit while your traveling?
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