Saturday, July 8, 2017

First Mile Recap

We did it.  We ran the First Mile - the official kick off to training season for the Tulsa Run and Route 66 Marathon.  It was about 98 degrees outside (with a triple digit heat index) but we ran.  1 mile.

Just how does one get a good race picture?  Most of the run pictures from that night show everyone smiling and having a great time - many with thumbs up - and then there is always me.  Serious face.  O well, my husband (in the blue with the Fun Hurts hat on) was all smiles!  If you want to see more First Mile pics, you can find them here.

We went with the 11:00 min pace group - a little slow for us, but since we are just both starting back, we felt that it was a reasonable goal.  We are also both having to learn how to run again. The hubs has a paralyzed diaphragm which takes up about half of his lung - so breathing is much more difficult than it should be.  It's a long story on how it happened (and I'm sure I'll write about it eventually), but the short end is that it cannot be fixed.  So running for him, which was never his passion, is more of a torture event.

As for me learning to run again, it's been months since hitting the road (losing your running partner can be a difficult adjustment) and while I've been pounding miles out on the treadmill, road running is more difficult. My endurance isn't what it was a year ago but that will come around.  My official training schedule won't start for a couple of more weeks, so for now, I'm concentrating on completing 3 miles without stopping.

So the First Mile is always produced by Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa, as they are the official training partner for both Tulsa Run and Route 66 Marathon.  They always do a stellar job in producing this fast paced event.  From food to beer (or sweet tea), to t-shirt give aways, new training apparel, and big water based inflatables.  This time was no different.  They pretty much have putting on events down to a science.  If you are looking for a great training program, you should check them out here.

What was great fun for me, was all the people.  Having worked with Fleet Feet for almost 4 years and being away from there for exactly one year, meant I got to see a lot of old friends and get lots of hugs and reconnect!  It's that kind of excitement that will help me keep running and training!

If you haven't signed up for the Route 66 Marathon yet, you better do it quickly as rates will go up on July 15th!  You can sign up here.

What are you training for?

“Disclosure: I am participating in the Route 66 Marathon Ambassadors  program and have been provided with a Free Entry and VIP  in exchange for my honest opinions about the race.”

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