Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where to eat in Tulsa....

If you are coming to Tulsa for Route 66 Marathon (or for any occasion, really), you may be wondering where you are going to fuel up!  I have a few favorites I thought I'd share with you - keep in mind you don't have to be running to enjoy my favorite eating establishments!  

You'll probably be arriving in town on Friday evening.  Most of the Route 66 Marathon  sponsor hotels are located downtown since that is where is start and finish lines are.  Downtown has some great eating options that you can probably walk to (or Uber if you are saving your legs for the big run day). 

So for Friday Night in Downtown Tulsa, you've got some great options: 

Into Middle Eastern faire - go with Laffa.   They are amazing, locally owned, and located at 111 N Main St, it should be a quick walk from any of the sponsor hotels.  I especially like their Tzatziki ( a greek yogurt based dip), their chicken & lamb Schwarama & Sweet Potatoes.  They also have a great cocktail list that I'm slowly working my way through!  The atmosphere is awesome as well.  They have some great Gluten Free alternatives as well. 

There are lots of other options as well - El Guapo for Tex-Mex, Elote (Mexican) which offers both carnivore and herbivore dining options, Phryme if you are looking for an amazing steak (a little pricey for me but definitely a treat), or Ti Amo for Italian cuisine.  These are just a few of the downtown eating establishments - do a google search for a complete list.  There are tons of choices!! 

Maybe you are looking for more "American" style food - then I'd walk over to McNellies - a pub locally owned.  They've got your typical pub food ranging from turkey burgers & sweet potato fries, to Fish & Chips, soups and salads and let's not forget they have over 350 beers for you to taste!  McNellie's is located off of 1st & Elgin.  My favorite there is a bunless turkey burger with the sweet potato fries.  

Running the 5k on Saturday and wanting to refuel afterwards?  I love a good brunch, whether it be on Saturday or Sunday!  A great brunch stop on Saturday  could nclude the Dilly Deli, which is located downtown and is again within walking distance of the start line for the 5k as well as the hotels.  

Dilly Diner is a flashback to an old fashioned deli - the ambience is lively, there is often a waiting list (but it goes quickly) and there is outdoor dining (weather dependent of course).  The have Manmosas (think of it as a carafe of mimosas) and they'll cook your eggs however you like.  They have everything from breakfast to dinner options! 

As for me and my Perfect Pacer, you will find us at Brookside by Day on Peoria.  You may have to uber there - it is about 5 miles from the start line of the 5k.  Definitely my favorite go to place to brunch.  Bloody Mary's, Mimosas, and again eggs anyway you please.  They will even make you an egg white omelette just the way you like it, biscuits and gravy and of course bacon. Again, they just don't serve breakfast - they have great lunch options as well.  Just don't plan on going there for dinner, because they are closed.  

As far as Refueling after the Marathon, they always put out a great refuel section! They have a great selection at the finish line, and then if you are a VIP or in Maniac Corner, you get quite the food selection as well!!  

And while I'll make pit stops at the finish line for a quick refuel, that night is where I'll really get my eating on.  So much so, I'll probably need a feed bag attached!  If you are still in town on Sunday night (You could always check them out on Saturday night as well), you'll find us at KilKenney's on Cherry Street.  

An Irish Pub with an Irish ambience.  Fish and Chips are always on the menu as well as Shepherd's Pie, Boxties, flights of beer to try, and a gluten free menu.  You'll find me in a corner with Perfect Pacer as we will most likely be drinking a dirty martini and I'll be eating my favorite - oysters to start with, and an El Diablo burger (minus the bun of course) with - Irish chips - of course.  They also have a great GF menu as well. 

There are tons of other restaurants on Cherry Street as well - from Hideaway Pizza to Smoke (a steakhouse), Roosevelts (steakhouse), two near salad restaurants, Jason's Deli, Chimi's (Tex-Mex), Mi Cocina (Italian) and a few others!  

Tulsa is great for a foodie - lots of locally owned restaurants for you to choose from!  

Happy Eats!  

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