Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gear Crazy

Running is a great, inexpensive way to lose weight fast and get in great cardio health.  However, if your like me, you believe in making an investment in things that make your life, as well as your hobbies, a bit better.  Here are my “most haves”. 

Bondi Band:
 A light workout requires a simple elastic headband.  These are perfect for days I don’t sweat – which isn’t often.  I usually reserve the simple elastic band for weight training and coaching days.  Days where I run (every day with few exceptions) require a more massive sweat soaker up band – thus bondi bands.  You can find these at  a website by the same name. 

Also, as you seen in the picture, I require sunglasses.  I prefer pink, fog proof ones as seen here.  I also have a cheaper pair that I bought at Walmart. My pink ones are exclusively reserved for running and I use the cheap pair on days that require “working” outside, high/low ropes courses, etc – in other words, any activities that aren’t running ones. 

ITouch with arm band:
I use it for pacing, music, recording routes, taking pictures, etc.  It most be in the handy dandy armband that I had to modify,  We had to add Velcro to the strap as it was too big for my arms. 

Running Socks:
Best invention!  I prefer the Nike ones, with the arch wrap.  One days those are dirty, I wear a pair of Smartwool.  Smartwool is great for winter runs as well as summer runs – they wick amazingly and add a little cushion to my minimal shoes! 

I’m a firm believer in name brand royalty.  I prefer Nike Tempo Shorts – and I’m always buying a  new pair when I find them on sale!  I have also recently been able to shop in the children’s department, which cuts $5 off my shorts!  Buying a youth size also means they fit better (translates:  my butt no longer looks lost in my shorts). 

During the summer, I prefer Nike wicking raceback singlet’s.  I find these on sale in the off season and stock up.  Most of them are black.  I love a crazy colored Nike Tempo running short, but keeping the tops black, mean they are easier and faster to match to the shorts!  During the winter, my wicking tops are usually long sleeve and light.  I use layers to keep body temperature average, and shed as I heat up.  Another great distraction to my runs is if I’ve overheated. 

Currently, I have two pair.  My amazingly beautiful Sauconny Kinvaras (bright pink) which are a bit minimal.  I love them for racing events tho and have found that after 10 miles, they just aren’t enough cushion for these old knees of mine.  I only run in them for the events and I spend about three days before the event running in them as well. 
My other pair are specifically for training and are Brooks Ravennas.  Love these!  I retired my Brooks Launch after logging 500+ miles and and a half marathon on them and when I went to be re-fitted, they said my stride had changed significantly and to try the Ravennas.  I thought they were clunky at first, but I have no knee pain in them at all and can go 10 miles without joint issues. 

I will be buying another pair of Brooks Launch for my next half marathon.  After all, even though my stride has changed, my other pair of Launch helped me have a successful first half-marathon and I just don’t believe in messing with something that has proven worthy. 

A mandatory for a good run!  Dry lips distract me. 

Studies are inconclusive that this actually helps with endurance performance, but I’ve been popping 1000 mg of these sublingual tablets for 2 years and I’m not about to stop. 

Jogging Bra:
I’m not brave enough to just run in the jogging bra so I keep these simple.  Plain black for me but support is key.  Keeping them firm, up and well bound during a run is just good, plain breast sense!  I try to protect the girls from unnecessary joustling or overspillage. 
Of course it’s pink!  It has one of my many running mantras, and it has my spousal unit’s phone number – however, we are usually running together, so I suspect I won’t really need anyone to call him.  I wear this all the time – even when I’m not running! 

Haven’t gotten one yet!  Looking for exactly what I want and need.  I love the high tech ones but I just can not stand the thought of spending $300 for one.  I have found a timex one (pink, of course) that has really caught my eye and it’s only about $50.  I’ve put it on my Birthday list.  
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