Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday Challenge - April 18, 2011

Are you ready?  Seems like the Tuesdays are getting closer and closer to one another!  If you are succeeding at completing the Tuesday Challenges, then you should be doing them three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, for example).  If you can’t complete the Tuesday challenge then you should try to complete the challenge throughout the rest of the week.  Either way, you’re probably going to end up doing the challenge in some shape or form about three times in the week. 

Last week we introduced you to Burpees – those beautiful flying jumps into squats, into planks, followed by pushups and back into a flying jump.  If you still don’t understand a burpee, go to youtube and do a search on burpee.  They’ll have different variations – I prefer the one with the push up but you may have to work up to that. 

This week, we begin preparation for the upcoming JailBreak Adventure Race in Burnet.  It’s what I’ve asked for as my Mother’s Day gift (I know, I’m sick).  So, I’ve set the training this week for those of you that are also training for the variety of adventure races out there (of course, if your not doing an adventure race, you can still do the Tuesday Challenge).

Ready?  Set?  Go…

1 mile run
50 push ups (or burpees – your choice)
½ mile run
50 ab crunches
½ mile run
50 squats
1 mile run
25 walking lunges (add 10 lb weight for more challenge)
1 mile run

Note that this is only a 4 mile run – so if you think you are a beast, then double it - do this set twice.  Yep, that means your running 8 miles and completing 100 of those wonderful little burpees, crunches and squats.

And don't forget about your core - essential to any athelte!  I recommend you do the above challenge once, then add the Xtreme Abs that we shared with you last week –
In & Outs – 25
Seated Bicylce – 25 each
crunch frogs – 25
Fifer Scissors - 25
v- ups – 25
bicycles (both ways) 25 each
Hip Rock & Raise – 25
Pulse Ups – 25
Weighted mason Twists – 25 (use 8 – 10 lb ab ball)
Weighted oblique’s – 50 each with 10 lb weight
Pelvic Push Ups (with large stability ball) – 25
Planks on elbows – 1 min
Side planks with 10 dips – 30 secs each side
Plank (extended arms) – 1 min
Descriptions are on the previous Tuesday Challenge.
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