Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday Challenge

Short & Simple 
(words best used to describe this post and this workout!)

Challenge - find an empty parking lot (there's a challenge in itself for ya') and a row of of parking "slots". Sort of like this one:

Once you find your lot, you'll be working on running the rows.  You'll run up the length of the row, and then on the way back down the row, you'll run in and out of the parking curbs: 

Another part of this challenge is the plyo curbs.  You'll need a curb similar to the one below (you don't have to have one that's marked for fire) and you'll jump up on it, and then off and that will equal one plyo jump: 
Now that you are familar with the basics of this challenge, here's the entire Tuesday Challenge (remember, I said it was short & sweet). 

parking rows x 5
burpees x 25
parking rows x 10
jumping jacks x 25
parking rows x 15
plyo jumps (jump on the curb and off) x 15
parking rows x 5

don't forget to add those Xtreme Ab Rippers from a couple of weeks ago - you should be able to hold your plank for 2 minutes!!

Hope you enjoy it.  Later this week, I'm going to post some notes from the latest Jillian Michaels podcast I listened to today.  It's all about transdermal and how the products we put on our bodies and in our hair, actually can affect our weight and estrogen levels!  Stay tuned!

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