Monday, May 23, 2011


I want to start by saying, that generally, I am not a fan of a self tanner.  When I was growing up, the self tanners created orange people – not natural and definitely not attractive. 

I grew up overseas in Saudi Arabia and believed in the natural tanning process – not because of the important Vitamin D, but because during the summer, we really didn’t have anything else to do but lay out by the pool (or on the beach).  We would spend our days spreading on baby oil and even from time to time, spray coca cola  on our appendages (someone had told us that would enhance the darkness of our tan).  It is obvious, that we were without worries of skin cancer back in the day!

Since childhood, I have spent many more summers at the lake, on the beaches and by the pools – using as little SPF protection as I could – still pursuing a great tan. 
I’ve even spent a few moments in a tanning bed or two.

But now that I’m older and more aware of not only my own health, but the health of others, I’ve begun seeking alternatives to the great outdoor sun worshipping tans of yesteryear.  With the recent findings of related skin cancer to tanning beds, I’m even more convinced that it is important to find an alternative for those of us who desire flaunting a bronzen body.  

According to a recent study, almost 36 percent of the women and 12.2 percent of the men aged 18-24 surveyed in a recent study tanned in tanning beds in the last year, according to the journal Archives of Dermatology. These young people may believe they look better with a tan, but in fact they are putting themselves at risk for skin cancer and aging their skin prematurely.  Not only are tanning beds being held responsible for an increase in skin cancer, but ages our skin prematurely (another issue that most of us try to avoid if at all possible). 

In my quest for the healthier tan for myself as well as for my clients, I was made aware of Fake Bake.  I was skeptical at first.  I had seen some of my friends with the new airbrush tans and was not impressed with their missed spots, overly dark knees and general fake tan look they were sporting.  But I decided I’d try the Fake Bake ONCE – I figured I could loofah it off I needed to.

A distributer friend sent me a few samples, convinced she could change my mind.  After a run, I took my shower as usual and followed the directions on the box.  I donned the purple gloves provided in the box.  I was impressed already – the gloves actually fit my hands.  And proceeded with great skepticism.  I started on my belly – after all, I could wear a shirt and no one would ever know if I was orange!  But after it dried (which I waited for 10 minutes to make sure) – it was clear that this was definitely a different product then in the past years. 

I completed the simple process over the rest of my body.  I was so pleased with the results.  I was a bit darker, but not obnoxiously dark and I definitely wasn’t orange. 

I repeated the process the next day to see if I would become orange or a fake brown.  Neither.  My tan just appeared a bit darker.  I LOVED the results.  My skin was glowing with a natural bronze that no one would be able to guess whether it was “natural” or bottled. 

I also tried  the Bronzy Babe products that Fake Bake offers as well.  I tried the Face & Body bronzing compact.  I used it on my checks and T-zone as if it was regular blush and really appreciated the naturalness that it brought to my face.  I’m not much into makeup and really think natural beauty needs to played up instead of concealed so the Bronzy Babe compact is perfect for enhancement of our natural beauty.  It is customized to blend with our Fake Bake Self-Tanner. Fake Bake says that it compliments all skin tones and types. Triple pigmentation provides perfection in 'bronzy-ness' & can be driven over the entire body too!

And probably one of their products that I really love is their Beachy Babe Lip Gloss.  Keep in mind that I’m not a fan of lip gloss, I use a natural lip balm mostly but every now and then, a girl likes a little sexy lip to sport!  The Beachy Babe Lip Gloss comes in a very pretty 0.13 fl oz clear tube and is applied with the wand.  It’s very light and gives my lips just a touch of pinkness. 

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Fake Bake product line.  They even carry a special line for men (a scrub, shave and bronzing gel). 

The Fake Bake products have not stained my clothes, and were odorless. You can find them in salons in your area or you can buy them online at  They also have a link there to help you find a distributing salon nearby.  The prices on the web are the same in the salons.  But you’ll have a larger variety of products to choose from on their website.

So if you are looking for a great tan, aren’t willing to age your skin or increase your chances of melanoma, then I suggest you try the Fake Bake products – you’ll be happy you did!  And by the way, they say that when you do go into the sun, it will enhance the tan you receive while out there (however, do not be confused and think you don’t have to apply a SPF just because you have Fake Bake Product one). 

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