Monday, May 30, 2011

Tuesday Challenge - May 31st

Tomorrow, June 1, is National Running Day so today's challenge will focus on running (o yeah, they usually do, don't they).  But this time, your gonna mix it up a little (O yeah, we do that as well don't we).  Anyway, this time your not gonna run until you've done your core workout (ha - you haven't done that)!

It's a pretty simple workout - as least as far as the elements go.  Again, the run element comes in last today!

Here'a a little one I've just discovered and LOVE!!!  My clients don't love it so much (which makes me love it more).

You will do the following sequence twice:

  • Plank Row Burpees ( x 15 reps, with a minimum of 8 lb weight
  • Wood Choppers (, right side, left side, center) with a minimum of 10 lb weight,  for 15 reps each
  • swedish ball jack knife (

Once you done all exercises for the number of reps twice, you're gonna run 4 miles at tempo pace.

Then you'll finish this off with 5 minute planks (1 min plank, 30 sec each side, 1 min plank, 30 sec each side with 10 dips, 30 sec plank on right leg, 30 sec plank on left leg)

Your Done!!  This challenge explains why they call me the TDO (Tiny Dangerous one).

Couple of more noteworthy notes :

  •     See that cute pink button over there on the right?  Click on it and then follow the directions!  You won't win anything (except the knowledge that you've done something nice) but you'll help me win and really, that is truly what matters. 
  •      And finally, if your not following my blog (shame on you) then your missing out on my first ever, albeit super cool, uber amazing giveway (it's a Road ID)!  So you'll want to follow my blog, then go to my previous post, do a few of the other intructions (it's all listed) and then you'll be in the drawing for a free Road ID!  (And right now, your odds are insanely good)!
Go Run!  How far & where will you run to celebrate National Running Day? 
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