Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My Mailman is probably not loving me too much these days.  It seems that I’m getting packages daily – and they are all related to running – in some shape or form. 

Last week, I found a mysterious gray package on my doormat.  I don’t have a local bomb squad and since it said Outside PR on the package, I felt that it was safe enough to bring into the house!

You would’ve thought it was Christmas – for me!  You know, the kind of Christmas where you actually get what you want!  It was an amazing Pearl Izumi running tech shirt. Specifically, their W's Fly Top (I need help flying).   First of all...  

see the "GLOW SPOTS" from my shirt!  It makes me look so angelic :)!!  

But really, they were created for safety!  As a night runner, these could save my life! Not only will it let drivers know I'm on the road, but it'll scare those herd of angry deer that seem to be every where I run!  Being reflective on night runs make this shirt my new night run fave.  And they are not only on the front...

They are on the back as well!
(You may also admire those amazing guns!)

Another benefit of this amazing reflective shirt - all my hunter friends have asked me to help them spotlight deer at night! 

So whether I'm running forwards or backwards (I have a friend who runs backwards although she tends to break body parts), I'm REFLECTIVE!!  

Okay - I gotta mention the material.  Because quite frankly, with all my fave running gear, material is key for me.  I'm a textile buyer (if it is soft, it is probably coming home with me).  But this material, is more then soft...

It is lightweight (so much so that it didn't register on the postal scale)
and uber soft (significantly so that I had to peel it away from my husband).

The tag specifically says - P.R.O. Transfer Fabric with In-R-Cooltm.  Translation: wicks like crazy.  
It has optimal ventilation and is amazingly tailored (so I don't look like a box).  

I took off for a 6 mile run to test this little goodie and came back in love.  It is black with this intense red pin strip on the sides, that highlight these super cool sublimated grey graphics.  Its a pretty intense shirt.  It is safe to say that this Pearl Izumi Fly Top will be my "go to night run" shirt this summer.  

(This is me getting ready to kick some road butt).  Shining!!

My husband wants to know if they make this kind in a man's style.  Hmmm....I'll have to look into that.
And the last details of the shirt:  It is a size Small and normally retails for $55.  To sum up how I truly feel about this shirt..."If Athletic gear makes me stronger, then this Pearl Izumi Fly Top will definately make me faster". 

Noteworthy: Outside PR provided this product for an honest review.  I was not paid for my opinion.  

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