Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday Challenge?

I know the challenge is late this week but I've been laid flat by a migraine.  I haven't had them  in months and attribute my daily running to them leaving.  Tuesday night though, I went to run, got a mile into and realized my body was crying for a break.  Literally, it was weeping out loud.  My husband just looked at me and said something to the effect of "that's it, your body is tired - your done." So for me, this week has been about training smart and not just training.

I reconcile a night off by reminding myself that if I rest now, when my body tells me too, that I will be a better, stronger runner when I return.  Which I promptly did yesterday.  5 miles.  Slow steady slopes mixed with hills and flats.  It's our easy 5 that we crank out regularly.  And yet, the first mile (as always) was hard.  It seems that it takes me a mile to get comfortable running, breathing and finding my pace.  My legs and shins were pretty stiff the whole time, but the endurance and cardio was great.

Lesson learned: 1.  Never do squats or lunges during training season.  2.  Listen to your body.  Rest is not necessarily evil.   3.  If you don't listen to your body, your husband will.  And he won't let you run.

Back to the migraine - I blame not running Tuesday night for wednesdays migraine.  I'm not sure what I can blame not getting the posting up on Tuesday on though.  Give me time though, I'll find a good reason.  So for those of you who were looking for the Tuesday Challenge, this week - you get a Thursday Challenge!

It's simple and straight forward this week.  It's taking what you've been working on and seeing how will you get through all of it.

3 mile run (no stops)
50 burpees (no push ups)
50 mountain climbers
25 reverse push ups
1 minute rapid fire jumping jacks
1 mile run
4 minute planks

Should be simple for you.  For those of you who rock this smoothly and quickly, you've only got 4 wake ups before a new challenge is posted.  
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