Thursday, May 5, 2011

Product Reviews - HEADSWEATS!!

We are so excited about this product!  I say "we" because my hubby is actually the one who is reviewing this product.  In fact, he's been wearing it non-stop since it arrived on the doorstep - so much so, that I barely get it out of the washer, before he pops it on his head!

My hubby has always been a 'doo-rag' man.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with  'doo-rags', they are bandanas that have been slightly modified (tails) so that you can tie them around your head and work, run, play in them. You see them frequently on motorcyclists.  Basically, they are sweat catchers.  However, cotton doo-rags might catch sweat but then they are just heavy, smelly, wet doo rags.  We've even requested the lady who makes ours (yes, my husband has a sickness of doo-rag love & until now, only ordered them from "the doo rag lady") to make them in a wicking fabric.   She said no.

So...HEADSWEATS, who makes such great gear, sent us a couple for the man to try!  Now don't get me wrong, ladies can wear these as well - it's just that the hubby got to them first.

Hubby carefully inspected the wicking doo rag and promptly slipped it on his head.  We headed out for a 6 mile run and strength training.  

It endured.  It didn't slip, or need retying during the run or gym time.  

It doesn't slip for a couple of reasons - the way they fit is nice and snug. It is also because of their unique design that combines their Eventuretm elastic (headband) with this super soft, terry cloth band that lies between your head and the material: 

The Hubby really likes that part of it.  When I begin quizzing him about the durability of the product, he mentioned how I have already washed it 7 times in 1 week and not once has it lost elasticity, color, or shrunk.  He mentioned that in fact, it looks just like it did when he tore open the package to get to it!  

This red one is the "classic" style.  It has three (3) "rat tails" - apparently, this is a technical term that is actually a positive when referring to doo rag products.  

He likes this one for running and gym time.  

He got a blue one as well (please know that they have a great selection of colors to choose from).  This has one tail and he prefers it for wearing under the cycle helmet (bike, not motor).  He will be using his blue one for triathlons and biking endeavors.  It looks basically the same as the classic but is called "shorty".  It has the same band on the inside but with one tail:

He loves these because unlike cotton, these are made from CoolMax - which pulls the sweat away from the body and then somehow, (magically I suspect) it is able to allow the air to evaporate the sweat - in other words, when he takes this off after mile 12, they are not sloshing in sweat like cotton ones.  They actually keep the sweat from rolling into your eyes (which prevents that whole stinging and trying to run blind dilema).  They also don't smell nasty. 

They dry super fast.  I wash them every night, and when I pull them out of the washer, they are already almost dry.  I lay them on the drying rack for 10 minutes and they are ready to be worn - completely dry and infused with that CoolMax wicking magic we love!  

I am so glad that HeadSweats let the hub test these.  He can't get enough of them and we will be ordering a lot of them!  They will replace the ones he wears on the job (he's a contractor and uses them daily in working as well)!  

I encourage you to go over to the HeadSweats website at and order a few know.  They have a great variety!!  Thank you HeadSweats - we are truly in love with your product!

I was not compensated to write this product review.

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