Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MYMission & Lack of Running

So last week I backpacked with my boss, a worship leader and our super cool Servant Team (aka summer camp staff)!!

We ate very little but what we did eat, was mostly carbs (no fruit, no veggies).  Then we hiked several hours, mountain climbed, rappelled, went caving, swam in the lake and slept on the ground (with just a ground mat).  No sleeping bags, no pillows, no potties and definately no showers.  All in the hill country of texas (Camp Eagle) and 100ยบ weather.  But it was a lot of fun.  It's one of those trips that when you are finished, you fill completely accomplished with yourself.  

Well, I'm here on the last full day of MYMission in downtown San Antonio.  I love it here.  I love being in the park with our youth and watching them overcome their fear of the unknown, as they reach out to the homeless with love, grace and compassion.  It's amazing to watch.  A blessing by anyone that sees it.

I love trying to figure out how to get groups of 9 & 10 to different locations - think 12 groups and four 15 passenger vans that have to do all the transportation all at the same time.  But I love how when it comes together, it works.  Usually.  I still always hold my breath until every last head is in bed.

I love hearing the kids discover new meaning in their days and in their relationship with Christ and how their eyes sparkle with new self realization.

I don't love the time I lose training and while I knew I would juggle the time of running and camp this summer, I just thought it'd be easier.  After all, I had a plan.  And we all know, I'm great with plans.  What we tend to forget is that - He doesn't stick to our plans.  I managed to log 22 miles in the 48 hours I had between Pre-Retreat and MyMission so that I could work through stress, visualize the MYMisison, and connect with God alone for a while.  I have logged exactly 0 (big goose egg, nada, zelch, zero) since arriving at MYMission.  I have, however, logged approximately 60,000 trips up and down the 3 flights of stairs.

I have not eaten one dark green leafy vegetable since Friday.  I miss them desperately.
I have stolen bites of blueberries and grapes.  I have consumed 2 small (total of 6 servings) of beef jerky. I have also consumed about 4 single servings of Yoplait lite Blueberry yogurt (a saving grace), a small bag of jelly beans (sorry), 2 zone power bars, 1 nutrigrain cereal bar (strawberry), a handful or two of organic granola, 2 peanut butter (no jelly, 1/2 banana in one of them only) sandwiches on whole wheat bread and 2 monsters (low carb, no sugar, don't be hating on me for them).  I have constantly gone to bed at 1 am and risen at 7 am.  Even if there was no breakfast till 8:30. I have slept on the roof (to imitate how it is to sleep outside when homeless) and I have frozen to death while sleeping in side (apparently I have no body fat according to everyone here and that's why i froze).  O wait, I had 2 slices of Double Dave's Pizza (whoops).  I got sick - happy now!?

Did I mention I haven't run?  At all?  Not even across the room?  O M G!  My body is fidgety, I'm cranky (which apparently, is normal if you ask my Servant Team) and I feel like I'm looking for my next fix.  I'm trying to figure out how to do my after camp cleanse on wednesday and still run 8 miles.  Those plans are usually bad ones and something will fail.  Probably my legs.

But I do have a 5k on Saturday for Running for Hiati - which will raise money to help friends go to Hiati to build an orphanage.  I'm super excited about it.  I might run it twice.  I'm even more excited about getting the opportunity to help amazing people do amazing things in Hiati.

So what's your challenge for the week?  To properly fuel your body - clean foods (lots of veggies, lots of lean proteins and a little fruit) and stay focused on your workout.

Here's what some of my clients are doing: Swim 1 mile, run 6 miles.  Pretty simple!
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