Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Running with Campers

This picture has nothing to do with running - except that I was running to get away from the shaving cream war at camp.

Shaving cream wars are just one of the crazy things we do at camp.  That's right, camp season is here and we are on week 2.  I've been getting up early and running each morning anywhere from 2.25 miles to 3.25 miles, coming back for staff meeting, then heading out again with campers for another 2 miles.  It's been great - the same 5 men have been running with me as well.  One of them is doing the San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon with us in November and it's been some bonding fun for both of us.

Our first run of the week (monday) we had 30 campers (boys and girls), the next day we had about 18 (again, a mix) and today, it was me and all MEN!  We had about 15 boys show up - some that have been running with us since Monday and some newbies.  At the end of our runs, I get to share some great pearl of wisdom that God has dropped on my lap during one of my runs.  The men usually have something to add, the we pray and a great sense of joy fills my heart. Needless to say, I think  it's been cool.

I love watching kids learn to embrace something they didn't think they could and to cross the finish line with a sense of accomplishment.  I love when they realize that it is because of God that they are able to do what they set out to do.  I thought today that if I wasn't running camps and chasing God, that I'd love to be coaching kids on how to run.  And while I've had a great time running with the campers, and even laying some small base runs down in the morning, I miss my most favorite running partner of all.

As much as i love camp, I simply cannot wait to get home.  I know that I have runs, swimming and cycling waiting for me (all within a 48 hour turnaround) and another camp to prepare for.  But I get to do those things with my bestest.  Who are you running with these days?  I ask only because I know for many of us, when we have good, reliable running partners, we tend to push ourselves harder, and stay more accountable to our training schedules.

Challenge for me this week: balance through camp season - both for family and for training.  Challenge for you this week:
Run 2 miles
5 minute planks
25 burpees
25 tricep dips
25 mountain climbers
2 mile run
finish with 25 push ups
25 lunges (advanced move - add some weights)
25 Ab Snails (don't know what that is?  Google it, you'll be enthralled)

Good luck!
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