Friday, June 10, 2011


First of all, why is it that I always am in mid blink when the picture guy takes a picture?  And no, this isn't my family - well, some of it is.  But the ones that aren't mine, are still included as mine!  When your in youth ministry, you tend to "inherit" a ton of extra family members!

I have been at out Annual Conference Since Tuesday; which explains why you didn't get your weekly challenge. Annual Conference is where the Methodist Churches do much of their business meetings and are vital to the life and work of our Methodist conferences.  And while my days have included getting up at 6 am and getting to sleep at 1 am, I've managed to find 40 minutes to run 4 or 5 miles each day.

While I may not have found time to post a challenge for you, I hope that you didn't allow that to give you permission not to keep on your fitness journey.  Sometimes we must adapt our schedules, our eating programs and even our workouts.

I lugged a huge ice chest down here with my greek yogurts and waters.  I brought a large tupperware container full of my double fiber wheat bread, almond butter, almonds and other goodies to sustenance But I have still had to make excpetion sot most of my meals.  We tend to have to eat out a lot of meals as we do a lot of fellowship and networking during those times.  The point is, that we need to make plans and backup plans to help us survive our lifestyles.  And sometimes that while we are on trips such as this, that if I can just maintain my fitness level, then that is simply something I have to embrace.

Here's hoping you have had a good week of running, eating and life!!
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