Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Product Review - Perfect Fit Cookie

I was at the Austin Triathlon Expo a few months back and run into the most delicious cookie (according to my standards anyway) I'd ever eaten that was relatively healthy.  I'm not into sugar or processed foods and so I have not had a cookie in a bajillion years but I am always looking for a great, nutritionally fit "treat" to reward myself after an extra long run - and lo, behold - the cookie.

I told them I'd be willing to do a product review and so I got some pretty cool products for sampling.  Which I promptly devoured.   When I was looking at some of the San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon sponsors, I realized they were going to be at my upcoming marathon expo!  I just can't wait to get my hands on another cookie and that's when I realized, I had forgotten to post the review!!

I love the Perfect Fit Cookie for various reasons.  First of all, it was created in Austin!  Hello - Austin is probably the only city I would ever consider living in because of all of it's health outlets (lake, running trails, zip lines, etc).  Plus, Austin is pretty cool city.  Perfect Fit Cookie is created by Boundless Nutrition and according to their website it was started as a small home grown business in Austin Texas. Trevor (the creator) created the bars as part of a diet and exercise program for himself. As his diet plan started working well his friends and coworkers wanted to know his secret; aside from regular exercise, small frequent meals that contain high quality proteins, healthy fats and antioxidants were the key. Since it isn’t always easy to eat frequent meals, Trevor created a nutrition bar that had all of the essential aspects of a small healthy meal. He dubbed the bars the Oatmega 3 Wellness Bars after the omega 3 fatty acids and whole grain oats contained in the bars.

But get a load of this - his Oatmega 3 bars don't taste like poo - which a lot of the proclaimed health bars taste like (in my never so humble opinion) and they are natural.  They don't have 60 chemicals in them with names that we can't pronouce, nor are they over the top on the calories vs proteins vs carb rations.  In fact, most Oatmega 3 bars have 190 calories, 6 fats, 14 proteins and only 8 sugars.  As someone who counts all these (as opposed to just calories, and sugars), I find these bars perfectly in line with my nutrition requirements and needs.  And I mentioned.... they don't taste like poo.  Always a good thing!  Crunchy, natural tastes. I pretty fond of the Chocolate Mint.   

So after Trevor created this Oatmega 3 bar empire, he went on to create a Perfect Fit Cookie, which is truly a love of mine.  Here's the skinny - I got to eat the White Chocolate Macademia cookie and it is a moist, large cookie!  It's 150 calories and has 10 proteins (10!!!!) and 4 fibers (love fiber because well....it just makes things smooth).  I would've tried the chocolate chip one they gave me but my 10 year old boy ate it.  Fast.  I don't even remember seeing it but for a moment!  What a testimony to a truly tasting cookie - Boy eats it - you know its good and you know he could care less about healthy.  Taste is the only thing he cares about.  

They have a great website which you can find here.  And apparently they have some great shipping deals so if you don't have an HEB near you (hello, yes, you can be there products at HEB) or if you don't live near one of the expos where they are sponsoring a run, then you can order them!  Just make sure the kids don't open the box first, or else you're likely to simply see...an empty box. 

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