Monday, November 7, 2011

It's almost here...

Marathon time!  And the question is always - are we ready?  Did we train enough? Did we overtrain?  It's also the weekend of Dive N Deeper - a upper high school/college age youth retreat which I coordinate and oversee.'d that scheduling conflict happen?

So now I not am only stressed about last minute weight cutting and tapering (which both annoy me to no end), but now I'm hoping that I've got all the loose ends tied up on the Dive N Deeper retreat (which we have college students directing).  And while I know that our college students are more then capable and are well trained, you still have concerns and fees and wonders as you leave them in charge and are basically no where around for trouble shooting.

And marathon packing, as well as prepping our kids at home (one who works and one who is being "farmed" out for the weekend), as well as packing for Dive N Deeper has suddenly hit home.  Yes, I knew it was coming, and yes, I've made most of the arrangements but there is always the uncertainty and fear that something could go wrong.

And if something goes wrong....well, that's what I'm not prepared for.  So today, I find myself helping the boy cram 2 days of homeschooling into one (which isn't pleasant), trying to coordinate a family dinner so we can do more coordinating, making sure our Dive N Deeper Team is set and ready to go, figuring our last minute training adjustments to compensate for injuries, fear, illness and waiting for the hubby to get back from the doctor.  Yes - He's sick.  Great timing.

And so goes my life....
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