Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jacob's Run, Trenton, Texas

I previously blogged about Jacob's Run, but I feel that more needs to be said.  

I've also said it a million times before - that I believe that in life, there is no such thing as fate or coincidences.  I believe that God is in charge of everything and all - whether we choose to acknowledge that is simply an individual choice.  I say this, because I believe that God places people into our paths for very specific reasons and purposes.  Sometimes, these plans of His are revealed to us during our lifetime, and at other times, we may never really know why certain things, events or people are brought to us.  

May 2011 - I attended my husband's high school reunion - a little event called "Buzzfest".  It is not your typical reunion as all classes from the high school are represented.  Many of these people still live in his hometown and of course, others are scattered all over.  We had been to his 10 year (which wasn't a great experience for me) and I really wasn't looking forward to this one.  However, I'm madly in love with Perfect Pacer and would go wherever he asks so off we went.  

It was a great weekend - lots of old acquaintances seen and lots of new friendships forged.  And this is where God is in charge of all things great and small. 

It was at this event, I met the SISTER of one of his classmates.  A fellow runner, we of course, automatically clicked.  

We became Facebook buddies (gotta love social media) and shared training stories, coaching, encouragements, celebrations and injuries.  She finished her first marathon one month after I finished mine and we celebrated each other's accomplishments as if we ran them ourselves.  Keep in mind, she lives in another city - but in the state of Texas - if you are of Texas then you are family.  

Through our learning of each other, I found out about a run that she was instrumental in the development of - Jacob's Run.  Here's a blurb about what Jacob's run is from their website: 

The Jacob Cangemi Memorial Scholarship was founded in 2007 by Jacob’s mother, Renee Cangemi, her sister Yvette Oquin and Laurice Goodwin, Jacob’s former teacher and mentor, to honor his memory. Jacob passed away on 07/07/07 due to injuries sustained from a car wreck. In the 18 years that Jacob lived he left an everlasting memory with all that he touched. He was a devoted son and brother, a loyal friend and hard worker. Jacob was a natural born leader and encourager with a heart for people who were struggling. He consistently overcame adversity in his life and was an inspiration to those he touched. It is in this spirit that the Jacob Cangemi Memorial Scholarship was created.  

This annual event is the primary fundraiser for the Scholarship which in the past has provided college scholarships to Trenton area high school students. We are pleased to announce that we are extending our reach to the Texoma area. Our scholarship is offered to kids who have different learning styles – students who might need additional support to reach their educational potential. We want to not only help these young men and women see college as a reality but to help them stay in college.

As an aunt, who has also lost a nephew due to tragic circumstances (are there any other when they are young?), I immediately felt that this was exactly why God had connected us.  Perfect Pacer and I knew we had to run it, promote it and help in anyway that we could.  

Turns out that this year's run is April 28th, the weekend of our Our Oldest's wedding and we simply would not be able to run it.  At least not in Trenton.  We will be in the Perfect Pacer's hometown and will be planning on running it there.  In fact, we are hoping that we get those Buzzfest participants to run with us - after all, there is the 5K Run/Walk as well as the 12.5k (7.77 miles). 

We will register, get FRIEND to mail the bibs to us, and gear up Saturday morning as if we were in Trenton ourselves.  We'll be outfitted with our bibs, and shirts, and at 8:00 am, we'll hit Riverside Drive for 7.77 miles.  

I encourage you to do the same.  Just because you aren't in the town of the race you want to run, doesn't mean you can't support the cause - especially if it is for a charity or a cause you believe in.  They need the money to support their cause and to bring benefit to the recipients so what do you care if you don't cross a finish line with 100 other people?  So Buzzfest Friends, Perfect Pacer and I challenge & encourage you to join us on Saturday April 28th at 8:00 am at Riverside Drive (meet at Pedistrian Bridge) for an awesome run - register online here.  

And for those of you in Trenton, Plano, Dallas and all areas Texas - come out and support the life of a young man, and the legacy that is being made in his name.  
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