Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adventures in India, update 3

                  Thursday night the parents can home from Calcutta. While they were gone, they found out they are officially moving. We knew it was a possibility, but nothing was set in stone just yet. They’re leaving the last week of August, which makes me really sad and makes things harder for me. I’ll move in with Jill, which I’m super excited for though. Jill is awesome and I really enjoy spending time with her and working with her. So while I am happy to spend more time with Jill I am sad to see the family go (they’ve been friends with my parents since before my parents were married). Friday, they went to tell their friend Pastor A that they are moving and he was very upset. They told their old language teacher, S, this morning on the way to church they were moving and she started crying. My heart hurt for her.                                    
    Friday, while they were at Pastor A’s, their daughter and I did some shopping around and I got all the girls on my list stuff for already, which makes me VERY happy (much less stress haha), but I still have all the guys left and guys are not very easy to shop for. After we got done shopping, we walked to their good friends’ house, the R's  to pick up their son whom stayed the night with us. When we got there, Mr. R told us he was expecting the police to come by sometime soon. Apparently they had caught wind that he and his family were missionaries. M said since they weren’t citizens if they were figured out nothing too bad would happen and they would be deported. However, if Pastor A was caught it would be much much worse for him, since he is a citizen. Luckily, the police never came by while he was home.                 
            Saturday we didn’t do much. We just cleaned out their house some and started packing. We got Thomas’s room all cleaned out. That night we went to the R for dinner. We watched some of the Olympics ate KFC and played some games. It was pretty fun. That night, late, a family that’s staying with us got it. They have a little girl, A that’s about 2 and very cute…and loud, but I love her already. They’re also expecting a baby boy in October (and she’s a very cute pregnant lady). They’re really nice and they have meetings all week, which means we get to take care of A and play with her all week while they’re busy. This morning we went to church and had lunch with two women that just moved back to India. One of em has been in Korea, so she took us to a Korean restaurant, and Oriental food isn’t exactly my favorite (ST girls 2012 know what I mean haha #girlsweekend2012part2). I managed to eat a little bit. After that, we came home and I slept a couple hours, seeing as I haven’t been feeling too well. Prayers for healing would be great!! Luckily, my nights have been very peaceful, except for a few nightmares the other night, but I would definitely take that over my visitors any day.

Continue to pray for her - K - to do the work she was sent to do .

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