Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bridal Bootcamp - Nutrition - Part 1

Okay - apparently it is engagement season!  So many people I know are getting engaged and setting dates.  And ladies, we all know that just means a lot of anxiety for most brides!  Not only are you planning the wedding of your dreams but you are having to figure out how to look amazingly awesome in your dress and being typical female, you have found at least one flaw on your body that you have decided is HUGE.  Reality is, that whatever that flaw is, your probably the only one who really pays any attention to it.  Secondly, think of this - why are you desperately trying to change something that your husband to be fell in love with enough to marry?

But with all that said, for some of you, there will be no way to convince you not to try to lose a few pounds and inches before your big day.  In a few days, I'll post some workouts that are based on HIITS (High Intensity Interval Training Sessions) and we'll combine cardio and strength training in a way that will be fun, challenging and efficient with your time!

But for today, let's tackle something that I think is easier to fixate on that training.  Nutrition.  First of all, there is no diet.  Diets don't  work (imho), however, nutrition lifestyle changes due.  Trust me - I've kept 52 lbs off for 4 years now.  90% of your fitness goals need to include a true self evaluation of your eating habits.

You want to eat breakfast - without fail.  It's fast, efficient and it kicks your metabolism into gear for the day.  By skipping breakfast, you signal your body tthat you are starving it, therefore, your metabolism comes to a grinding halt.  Then at lunch, your starving and you begin to gorge = basically you'll eat anything you can get in your mouth.  SO EAT BREAKFAST.  And forget the sugary breakfast cereals - not even Special K.  Make sure you have protein with every meal/snack you eat.  It'll rev up your metabolism, fill you up and even keep you full for a bit longer.  Add a bit of fiber (too fill you up and get things flowing) and a heap of veggies and you've got the perfect recipe for every single meal and snack.

Here is a link I recently found that basically has done all the thinking for you. should target 5 - 6 meals a day - protein, fiber and veggies at each one.  With that said, most females who need to drop some pounds, should drop to 1200 calories.  If you go under, your body thinks your starving and quits burning.  Try to target that number.  Of course, you also need to figure out how much protein you need - figure 1 gram per pound.  So I weigh 105 in off season, therefore, I target 105 grams of protein.  I focus on this number way more then calories but that is simply what works for me personally.

So let's start this first part of your Bridal Bootcamp, focus on nutrition.  Clean it up.  Eat Clean (you can google clean eating and learn more about how to start this if you have never heard of it before).  Here are some simple steps:

  1. Clean out your pantry.  Who cares if you just bought those chips and they aren't open.  Put them in a box and drop them off at the food pantry.  Throw (or give) away all foods in a box or bag that are not less then 5 ingredients or have ingredients that you can't pronouce (much less you don't really know what that ingredient is do you?) and get it out of your life!  
  2. Get rid of anything with "man infused" sugar - these are cookies, ice cream, etc.  
  3. Get rid of white food - potatoes, pastas, rice, etc.  Go Brown or go away.  Brown rice, quinoa, etc.  
  4. Figure out what a real portion is.  Protein the size of your fist, vegetables double that size, and everything else  1/3 the size of your protein serving.  
  5. Change the size of your plate.  Do you have a tendency to fill it up?  Downsize the plate, downsize the intake. 
  6. Quit eating in front of your computer and Tv.  This is called grazing.  It gets your keyboard nasty and adds a big booty!  Are you hungry?  Get up, fix yourself something to eat and sit down and enjoy the food.  
  7. Don't quit chocolate or sweets.  You can have them. In moderation.  That's not a whole candy bar.  That's a square.  
  8. Read your labels.  Learn your calories, learn that there are 3 servings in that can of food your eating and not one.  Learn how many proteins, sugars, carbs and fats are in that food.  Education is what helps you with your nutritional overall.  
  9. No empty calories - no soda pop - not even diet.  Why?  Really?  Coffee, unsweet Tea, water, crystal light, green tea.  Trust me.  Just drop the pop. And do you know how many calories are in your morning latte?????? OMG! 
  10. Drive past the fast food - pack your food.  Think of all the money you'll save for the honeymoon!!  The link above has great portable food possibilities. 
  11. No Cheat Days - a cheat meal, once a week is doable and won't de rail you.  So what if you eat salsa and chips for a meal?  End it there.  Quit thinking you might as well just eat crap all day long because you blew it at lunch.  You can save the rest of your day - just get back on track immediately. 
  12. No fried foods.  I didn't really think I had to say that but apparently I do. 
  13. Spicy.  Add cayenne peppers and other fire to your food - rev up that metabolism. 
  14. Never, ever eat in bed.  Your future husband will thank you. 
  15. Log what you eat.  Write it down, find an app.  Be honest.  Your only cheating yourself.  

Need more motivation - put a picture of your wedding dress everywhere you eat.   Here's one of my bridemaids dresses I"ll be sporting this wedding season!

Okay, I think that's enough to overwhelm you for this week.  Make the decision, set the goal and be a warrior about it!!

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