Monday, October 15, 2012

Bridal Bootcamp, Part Deux

O my, how forgetful I get when I hit older age!!  Totally forgot to put this up!!

Okay Brides to Be, maids in waiting and moms of Bride/Groom, by now you should've cleaned out your pantry, eliminated junkfood and fast food restaurants from your lifestyle and cleaned up your overall eating habits (no white food, no fried food, whole grains and lean proteins and veggies galore).  So let's talk more about supplements and exercise - or moving.

As for supplements, I take a lot but only because I eat very lean and run a lot so I know I'm missing some essential minerals and vitamins.  I also have an inability to properly digest my food so I have to take heavy duty supplements (probiotics) for that.  So overall, in one day here is what I take:

B Compound
B 12
Zyrtec (because I simply can't breath)
CLA (2 at each meal)
Flax Seed Oil
Fish Oil
OsteoBiFlex Triple Strength - joint relief

Keep in mind, I am not a doctor so I'm not prescribing the insane amount of vitamins for everyone.  You should always consult your doctor - especially to make sure you don't have any interactions with anything else you may be taking.

As far as moving; again, you should check with your doctor first.  Once you are given the high five to get moving then just do it.  Everyone has a million excuses not to exercise and my favorite is "I don't have the time you do".  Really?  Why not?  I make the time - I DVR shows, I am productive as much as I can during the day, my exercise is my priority - right up there with breathing.   I'm a mom, wife and work full time so I'm not sure I have time and you don't.  Bottom line, there is never an excuse that justifies not working out.

It is essential to your overall health - if not for weight loss.  I was watching a talk show the other day about stress and women.  Every single woman that had huge stress complaints were overweight.  And there complaints and issues aren't different then mine.  I just handle and channel mine differently, which releases the feel good hormones in my body and help me cope better with my stress triggers.  Yes, I could eat a pound of cookies to deal with these same triggers, but then I'd have the added sress of body hate issues, clothing doesn't fit or look good issues, general feeling of unworthiness that it all brings, etc.  See how that stress monster grows?  SO why relieve it with food - your just adding to it instead.

If you are not to moving, it is as simple as one foot in front of the other.  No need for fancy equipment or personal trainers or gym membership.  Now that Crossfit is so huge, you can even amp up your walks/runs by adding HIITS to it and the work is done for you.  There are a ton of websites out there that share the CrossFit mentality and will post WODS (workout of Day).  These are generally based on HIITS (high intensity interval training) which is ideal for the busy person with limited time.

Here's how it works:  You have 30 minutes to work out so you want the biggest bang you can.  You would do something like:

Run 800 mm
25 burpees
25 pushups
25 situps
25 tricep dips
Repeat cycle till all 30 minutes is completed. 

In this single WOD, you've gotten your cardio in, worked your core, arms, chest and shoulder!  Personally, the one above is the one I do when I do two a days Tuesdays and THursdays.  I like it because it's an easy portable workout!  No equipment required.

Here are a couple of my favorite WOD sites:

WODS, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle advice: here
Meal plans, nutrition, suppliements, workouts: here
Awesome clean eat recipes, workouts, nutrition: here

I'd suggest you start out with 30 minutes of some cardio a day, drop a few pounds before picking up weights.  It'll motivate you to see the scale move and then you can start stregnthing up (not bulking).  Once 30 minutes becomes doable without strain, then add 15 minutes.  This will also help defeat the plateau monster!  And again, once that becomes simple, add another 15.  Your up to an hour, rounded out workout with cardio and strength training.  Once you reach goal weight, you can drop to maintenance mode which would include only 30 to 45 minutes of workout/day as long as you keep your calories and nutrition in check.

So there you go - some great websites with great WODs, eliminating all things unclean, and making lifestyle changes will get you Bride ready!!

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