Monday, October 14, 2013

Just another exciting twist in the Journey...

So, I went out and did something stupid crazy in a good way.  I got myself hired at a super cool running store and am really enjoying it.  Imagine - fashion, shoes and running spoken all day.  Then add in training, hearing stories from those who are just starting, or recovering from an injury and they get to inspire you on with their own stories.  And every once in a while, you share giggles, laughter at running mistakes and wisdom from your own journey.

And they super cool events!!

And are awesome racing directors!!

I'm so excited to be on a team that adores running, empowering others to discovery the love of the sport and are genuinely interested in customer service first, not business first.

SO obviously, that has kept me busy.  But in the midst of it all - it's Route 66 Marathon training season!

So I'm playing with nutrition at this point - what will get me through the 26.5 (Yes, folks, we are detouring through the Center of the Universe, which technically makes us ultras!) without hitting the wall.  I already know which GU I'll take - peppermint mocha - which is only out at Christmas!!

So this morning, I experimented with this:

Not a fan.  ugh.  

But my post run breakfast was this:  

which is my version of egg whites, with tons of veggies, spinach and the hottest salsa I can find.  WINNER!!  However, do not eat this and then run.  I did that once, and at mile 6, I saw my salsa again.  BLECH!

My training is not spot on.  I had managed to get to 12 with Perfect Pacer running with me for 1/2 of those last week.  However, this week, my knees decided 7 was all they would take.  Another UGH!
I know I need new shoes.  I'm exploring the Sayonaras by Mizuno and the Brooks PureCadence.

Okay, so in my very few minutes down time I have, we are finally managing to squeeze in a bit of much needed family time.  Last week, we went here:

They make me happy.

Even I learned how to hit the ball.  Trust me, this is not a sport I'm actually going to ever try.

And I also found 5 minutes for online shopping (did you think the fashionista side of me died??) for these:

Because I know that because I live in Oklahoma and will need at least one more pair of boots to get me through the cold winter.

So, how's your training going?  Anything huge your training for?
What about your go to pre-race meal?  Got any non-spicy suggestions??

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