Monday, September 9, 2013

Loving me some Mizunos on Pint Night

On Monday nights, our local Blue Dome location of Fleet Feet sponsors an awesome run - the whole idea is to run, and drink a beer.  Not at the same time.  However, that could be an amazing feat of skill.

Tonight Mizuno sponsored the run.  And when a shoe company sponsors a run, you usually get to test run the latest pair of what they've come out with - in this case, it's the Sayonara!  They are awesome!  Of course, they won me over instantly with their color!!

I laced them up, and we headed out the door with Perfect Pacer and Friend.

It was hot and humid but the shoes were awesome.  These are definately on my "when I get any money, I'm going to buy" list.  Do you have one of those lists?

When you first look at them, you think they are a bit wide in the toe box, but I was in my regular running shoe size of 6.5 and they hugged my fit wonderfully!  They are super light weight as well.

Here's the route:

My husband mentioned later how hilly the route was but I didn't really notice.  Maybe it's been all the hill training I've been doing during the week.  Or maybe I was just flying along with my Mizunos Sayonaras.  Hmmmm, makes one ponder.

And of course at the end of hot, humid course, nothing is better then something cold.  Mizuno treated each of us to a Guiness.  Thank you Mizuno for an awesome run night!

O - I failed to mention, Mizuno gave each test runner a super cool free t-shirt.  My husband just pulled his out of the dryer (something about he must wash everything before wearing it) and actually said "look, honey, a tshirt I actually like".  BTW, Mizuno, that is high compliments!!

Another  O - I did not get any compensation or recognition for this post.  I didn't even get a free pair of shoes.  They are just pretty awesome and I thought my fellow runners need to know!
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