Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Didn't See That Coming....

Sorry Folks, there is no long run recap from the weekend.  That's right, less then 2 weeks from the BIG ONE (aka Route 66 Marathon), I blew off my long run for much needed time with Boy & Perfect Pacer.  We saw Thor 2 at an awesome theater.  I'll let you know run day how the decision bodes for me!!  But in the meantime, it was a great diversion treat.

But what I honestly didn't see I walked into my favorite running store (as I do most every morning), the owner asked to speak with me.  Now, I don't know about you, but that strikes the chord of terror in me as if I'm getting called into the principal's office.   O little did I know....

In the end, it turned out I wasn't in trouble.  No, I didn't get fired.  Instead.... I got a new view.

How's this?

And another view:

Wait??? What are spinners doing in a running store you ask?  Well, my favorite run store also happens to have it's own gym.  And yes, I've been repositioned/relocated and so now most days, I'll be seeing this:

And yes, I'm ubber excited.  I'll miss my comrades on the other side of this wall (and our other location aka KPV) however, I'm still part of their family and I'll still get to see them all the time!  But now, I can take all that packed up energy, passion and love of health and wellness and share them even more.  And let's not mention an even better added benefit - I'm getting to teach HIITS classes again which means....there are some awesome people at 52 Fitness that are unleashing their inner warriors!   AWESOMENESS!!

So if your in Tulsa, look us up, head down to the Blue Dome district and come work out with us!!!
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