Friday, July 22, 2011

Survivor & a Late Challenge

I have survived the final week of camp - but then again, I usually do.  Last week of camp is usually a bittersweet good bye - it's one of those things that as much as you love it, you are ready for it to be over and as much as you want to be somewhere else, you are torn about leaving the other.  It's as if, even though my heart is at home, pieces of my heart are torn away when saying good bye to our summer camp staff, and camp worship.

If you have never been blessed by a worship that gets you up out of your "pew", dancing in the aisles, jumping all around, swinging and raising your hands in the air, and connecting your body and soul with the Creator, then you haven't experienced our camp worships.  They leave you drained, refreshed, renewed and longing for more.  They fill you, make you empty and replenish you - all at the same time.  Our speaker nailed it this week (he usually does, and all our camp speakers are awesome) and made us think as well as confess and renew.  I think it is worship that I will miss the most of our camps.

But just because I was at camp this past week, doesn't mean I got to miss out on 4 days of training.  I got up early every day, ran my four miles and then grabbed a coffee before heading to our camp staff meetings. It's a great way to connect with Him before I get into the "business" of the camp.  It helps me focus and remember why I do what I do, what He wants me to do, and refills me with energy and grace - two things I need a lot of to survive camp.

You have probably been waiting on pins and needles for your weekly challenge so here it is:
This workout needs no equipment: 

Start with a pace 2 mile run.  
Then stop and do the following: 


50 PUPs 




Go for another 1 mile pace run. And now onto a timed challenge
1:00 Wall Sit 

100 Jumping Jacks

1:00 Plank 

100 Squats
1:00 Jogging in Place 

100 Leg Lifts
1:00 Wall Sit 

100 Crunches

1:00 Plank
Finish it up with a simple 1 mile run. 

Good luck with that.  I'm off to ice some shins and prepare for my 11 mile run tomorrow!  What are your amazing plans for the weekend? 

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