Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review - there won't be many of these.

It is not often that I have time to sit down and read an entire book.  Which is odd, as I spent most of my adolescence, holed up in my room, reading book after book (mainly Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys).  But since my journey into motherhood, I have just found that it drains me to have to put that much energy into reading. 

I’d much rather spend my time reading a runner’s world, health & fitness or even the news on the Internet!  However, this summer, I did find time to open and even finish 1 book.  The story of a runner, a triathlete and an ironman.  It has been a long time since I picked up a book that I truly had problems putting down.  I eagerly read to the end and then was disappointed that there was actually, an ending. 

The Long Run is by Matt Long, a firefighter in New York, who had managed to survive the terrible 9/11, had become a business owner (while firefighting, mind you) and a tri-athlete.  He even had an ironman or two to brag about.  This story is not about how to run a marathon or an ironman, nor the nutrition involved.  It is instead about his journey of becoming an athlete, then becoming a near tragedy, and back to becoming an athlete again. 

It shares of his struggles, his emotional battles as well as his physical ones.  He openly shares of his anger, disappointment, grief and even joy.  He discusses the trials and tribulations of his accident and the never-ending painful therapy he forced himself through to become fulfilled once more.

(check this out - http://bcove.me/cm9isc5j)

I don’t want to give too much away because it is not often that I recommend a book for reading and when I do, it is because it touched me in a way that is indescribable.  I wouldn’t recommend this book, if I didn’t think it was worth you securing a copy and reading it.  I will share with you that a man, a bike and a bus are the main characters – I will also share that if you read this book, and something doesn’t stir inside of you to change the negative that is around you, that you missed the point of why Matt shares his story in the first place. 

This is one of those stories that you will remember.  When you are in the middle of double-digit mileage training and really reconsidering running a marathon, Matt Long’s story will pop in your mind and you won’t be deterred from obtaining that goal.  You will remember Matt every time you hear about an Ironman and the relentless training those athletes endure.  You will think of his physical limitations every time you dare to utter the words “I can’t” and you will be overcome with the knowledge of “I can”. 

What are you waiting for?  Quit reading my review and get your butt out there and get the book “The Long Run” by Matt Long.  You can thank me when you’re done reading it.  
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