Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Things Tri

We began the past weekend with our usual long run - 15 miles this time. It was going great - we both felt on top of our game and were really sailing along - increasing our time to 2 miles before a 1 minute walk (estimating stopping at the water breaks at marathon). We hit mile 13 and it seemed like both of our bodies decided to stop. My left knee (ITB) and his back (ugh). So we hobbled, ran, & hobbled some more to the end of the run. I'd like to say that a day of ice and elevation followed, but he thought it'd be a good ideal to take the kiddos bowling (seriously, we could barely walk).

Then we loaded up Boy and headed to Austin for The Austin Triathlon. We went to the expo on Sunday and were amazed at how small it was. After all, the expos we have been to for marathons have been huge! I will have to say that we were in awe of the bikes tho. Sunday evening we attended a pre-race dinner with 40 team mates (Texas Beef Running Team aka Team Beef) and enjoyed a lot of carbo loading and a speaker that really made us realize that it is what you do with your life that matters and that you can do anything you set your mind too, no matter what your body says.
(This is us at the pre-race dinner. Like date night but with Boy and 40 other friends!) Monday morning we head over to the finish line where we are volunteering with other team members. We handed out 100s of water bottles and medals. And we feel instantly in love with the whole TRI event. It is now on our Bucket List for next year.
(This is Boy & Spousal Unit at the finish line) Its amazing who you might run into at a Finish Line. I thought I had seen a familiar face the night before at check in/expo but it's one of those situations where you think you'll make a fool out of yourself if you call out the alleged name and it not be that person - mouth kept shut! However, when he crossed the finish line, I knew beyond doubt it was him! He's one of my new athlete heros!
We had a blast with our team mates!
We were able to also introduce a friend to Genghis Grill. It was important to share this with her as she is a new clean eater and a lot of times, it is difficult if not impossible to find a restaurant that allows a clean eater to do what they love - eat clean. She loved it!

You should go "like" them on their FB page! And if you don't know what it is, then you can google it and look at their food selection, how it works and even get detailed nutritional information. Pretty Awesome!

On Monday, as we headed home, we needed a little bit more nutrition (we ate Genghis on Sunday)and decided to try Firehouse Subs (we are getting very brave these days). I have to say - AWESOME! Beats Subway and Quiznos hand down! You have got to try them as well!.

I share this with you so that you know that you can make healthy on the road choices should you choose to. Too many people think that you don't have options when traveling but I beg to differ. I can even head over to McDonalds and make a healthy choice without derailing my clean eating lifestyle. It's about research, and being picky. You have to ask for your food a certain way (like hollow out the whole wheat bread please) and be specific in your needs. Most of the time if I explain that I eat clean and can only eat certain foods, my pickiness is overlooked and my demands are found perfectly acceptable by the wait staff and chef. Tipping afterwards is a nice way to ensure you get your way as well the next time you enter the establishment.

So whether you are just tired of eating at home and need a break, or your on a road trip, make yourself aware of the different options for eating and utilize your voice - making wise choices!
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