Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Chobani Chronicles

Day One:  I facebooked Chobani with a simple wall post "where can I find you?" Figured I never would be able to locate the new rising star of yogurts, I left it at that simple wall post.  I definately did not anticipate the following sequence of events to unfold.

Day Two:  I received an EMAIL sharing with me where Chobani was able to be found - at my local Target. And they pointed out, that unfortunately, my local Target was about 50 miles away (which I knew, but I was so impressed that they knew that as well).  Keep in mind, I had not shared my email or city with them on my wall post - apparently Chobani people are amazing detectives and had the foresight to explore my facebook page and find out all about me!  They went on to explain that they had contacted my local HEB about selling Chobani (really, that's above and beyond any wild expectations I could possibly fathom).
  I then received another email from a Chobani angel asking for my land address as they'd love to send me some Chobani to hold me over.

Day Three, Four & Five:  I eagerly await the mail like a small child waiting on Christmas morning.

Day Six:  Largest box EVER arrives in the mail (I'm not kidding).  CHOBANI.   I dig into it to find a set of Styrofoam boxes, and about 100 ice packs surrounding a beautiful set of assorted Chobani yogurts (see above picture for beauty).  I immediately post that Chobani has arrived and my face book wall begins receiving messages such as "Pineapple is to die for", "Your going to love this", and so on.  I was now left with one major decision...which one should I start with?  Should I save some for the spousal unit?  Will my current Greek yogurt become jealous and begin to stalk me in the middle of the night?  Ahem.

I had to wait to try my first Chobani as it was late in the day and I knew it would make a great post workout snack.  So off to the gym I went.

That night, I sat with my favorite yogurt bowl (everyone has one, right?), my tablespoon of fiber one twigs & sticks in it, along with my tablespoon of frozen blueberries.  What flavor?  So many to choose from.  For months I've been eating plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of honey for flavoring and now, I had pineapple, lemon, mango, blueberry, strawberry, plain, vanilla and so many more to choose from.  I go for the obvious - lemon!

Wow - they had to have used a real lemon for flavoring because it had the tartness of a lemon that I adore!  I was sold.  But then, my husband discovered that there was a plethora of new yogurt with wild and crazy flavors to choose from.  He immediately tore into one (I don't even know the flavor because he devoured it in seconds).  "That's the best Greek yogurt ever".  High Praise indeed.

Since the days that the great Chobani adventure began, we have eaten most of the flavors - Pineapple, as well as Black Cherry maybe my two favorites, with Blueberry a close second.  They come in non fat and low fat.  We still have one or two left in the fridge and it has been a total of 3 days since they arrived ( do the math, that's a heck of a lot of yogurt for two people to consume in such a short amount of time).

The calorie counts are in line with other Greek yogurt - the exception being their plain.  It's only 80 calories.  Chobani is super thick and smooth, a substance my husband loudly declared was similar to that of Yoplait.

I think what I love about Chobani the most is their customer service.  In a day and age, when customer service is no more (customers are never right anymore), they jumped in and went way above and beyond any one could expect. I never expected my little facebook post to land me with such a blessing.  So I want to just say a quick thank you to the Chobani Angels: Helen, Emily and Shari.

Go grab yourself some Chobani!  It'll make you rethink your greek yogurt!  Those crazy flavors!!

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