Friday, September 23, 2011

Product Review - SpiBelt!

I absolutely adore running gear and accessories and I've been desperately wanting to try out the infamous SPIbelt. According to the website, a SPIbelt is "Sleek, expandable, secure and does not bounce. Can hold an iPod™, Blackberry™, cell, keys, up to five GU™ packs, and other small personal items. The SPIbelt does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities." Yes, it is and so much more!

I was given two to review. One of the SPIbands (NEW) and one for the waist. Here's the SPIband one being modeled by the husband:

This one obviously is worn around your very impressive bicep (or not so impressive, that's up to you). It's great because it fits an itouch ipod or a droid (we use both of these when running). It can also fit several gels, as well as a key and Driver's License. My husband uses the old Ipod so he is able to get the Ipod, key, Driverlicense and several gels in that little puppy! Amazing. No chafing was reported after using it on a 13 miler - even more amazing!

We always experience chaffing or soreness when wearing our ipod carriers around our biceps so to find one that carries so much stuff that doesn't cause our body more wear and tear is fantastic!! LOVE!!

Here's the little one they sent me:

It matches one of my "peace out" bondibands so it was a great choice to send me. Here's what it looks like on:

First, they look better on their models and my friends then it does on me. Second, I'm not a fan of fanny packs. However, THIS IS NOT A FANNY PACK! It is a SPIbelt! You can attach your bib too it (not the one at the restaurant, the one your given for running in races) and then you can feel it with all sort of stuff! I filled mine with a gel and my droid. I like my droid because it has GPS (and i'm too cheap to upgrade to the Iphone yet). I already use my Itouch Ipod for music and pacing and they dont' make armbands for those that allow you to carry anything else.

I'm always sticking things in places they shouldn't be stuck (gels in the bra, a key in the shoe - you get the picture) and to find something that allows me to be hands free, without worrying about gels falling through the bra top, or getting aches on the heels from the key is a wonderful treat! Apparently the creator of SPIbelt had the same "stash" problem I do!!

You can put the pouch on the back (which I love) and then safety pin the race bib to the front! No more safety pins in your expensive running gear! My girlfriends are all loving the SPIbelt! And for those ladies who have to worry about "it" during racing events, it conveniently holds one or two of "those things" that usually you have no clue where to stash!

SPIbelt makes all sorts of different belts - some with larger pockets, some are waterproof and some are even customizable. You can get them in just about every color imaginable and they have them for any size (from kidlets to full grown adult). They also have some other cool accessories but you can find out about all this stuff at their website

Go on over and find them on Facebook (, like them and tell them you heard about them from me! I dont' know if you'll get anything but it'll make me smile!!

Bottom line on product review: LOVE SPIbelt!!!!! Check them out today!!
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