Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm gonna knock you off there....

I snuck in a trip to the gym this afternoon so I could sneak in a quick 5 mile run before the hubster got home. It was nice and quiet (translation: no one was there), so I jumped on my favorite treadmill, put the channel to something that would keep me focused (probably something like Top Chef or Divorce Court - you know, something that is mind numbing), cranked up my ipod and settled in for what I assumed would be a nice little run.

And then, she came. You know the one. We've all met them (at least those of us that have to resort to a gym every once in a while). Sometimes She comes in and cackles with others like her - all while on the treadmill or elipity. If it is the Cackle Crew, chances are, they aren't breaking a sweat, and have dominated the machines for way too long, and they laugh super loud. Sometimes She comes in alone and jumps on the treadmill directly next to you (even though there are three other vacant ones).

The Cackle Crew annoys me because they are aka "the mean girls" from High School. They sneak glances at you and then turn to the rest of the crew. Yeah, I'm sure your NOT talking about me (paranoid will destroy me). Then they make comments to you - such as - "You need to eat", "Your too thin", "You work out too much". You get the picture. And then, they corner you and ask for advice on workouts and nutrition (didn't you just say I'm too thin & workout too much?).

But today She came in alone. And she choose the treadmill next to me (hello, there were 3 empty ones to choose from). Then the texting and walking begins. On no incline. Then She begins reading. And then She reaches over to your treadmill and snags the remote control (because your eyes are closed while working through visual techniques as you run your tush off on an incline) and changes the channel. To a morally bankrupt show that you can't stand. And then she laughs, loudly at it. Seriously, what is with that? It made for the hardest 40 minute interval workout of my life.

Next time, I'm going to hide all the TV remotes in my gym bag. Or I'll push her off of hers. Which won't be hard.

Rant over. No pictures. Please don't judge me too harshly.
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