Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anyone feel a little Spartan today?

As if I need one more thing on my plate.  It is often said that sometimes we cut off more then can chew, we spread ourselves to thin (what are we?  eating? food?) however, there are those of us who meet a higher and better potential of ourselves when are plates are full.  Keep in mind, these are not plates that are being juggled.  I'm not good with juggling plates.

Instead, these are plates that are highly organized.  With that said....

The newest item on my plate is that my husband and I are now members of the Spartan Street Team!!  Do I hear a WAHOO????? It means a lot, probably more details then you care to know, but what it means for you is that you (just by your sheer knowledge of me) can get super great discounts on Spartan Adventure Events!

One of the many things that it means for me, is that my training has now come to include Spartan training on top of marathon training (seriously, I'm that dangerous).  It means learning about adventure racing from behind the scenes as much as participating inside of them.  I'm even learning a new language - clock blocking is one of my new terms!  I hate clock blockers!

So... in the true spirit of a Sparta warrior, here's your work out of the week!  Which I did and I'm so proud of myself that there are not enough hands on my body that I can pat myself on the back with!  Twice!  Booyah!!  For 6.5 miles in 60 minutes (okay, so my time isn't the greatest but I'm old - or so my friends tell me).

So try this out:

Fartlek’s Run 
‘hard’ = above lactate threshold/race pace/NOT conversation pace 
10 min w/u 
2 min hard 
1 min jog 
4 min hard 
2 min jog 
6 min hard 
3 min jog 
4 min hard 
2 min jog 
2 min hard 
1 min jog 
(repeat as needed) 
10 min c/d

I did this on a treadmill so I could stay true to increasing my speed and keeping my time circuits.  People in the gym stared.  And some ran away.  I'm not sure if it is because my workout scared them, my game face repulsed them or my smell just made them leave.  I tend to sweat alot on these little training jigs = insanely bad smell.  

Now, check these upcoming events out: 

or go to their website  Find an event that you are willing to conquer (can you?) and then let me know by leaving me a comment below which one you are going to register for.  I'll even send you a discount code for your particular event!!  

Now, go be a Spartan!
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