Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Weather Workouts

Weather, Workouts & Product Review - a lot on the blog plate for today!  

FIrst, let's talk about the weather.  Many of us have spent so much time moaning and groaning about the heat and how hard it is to run outside in Central Texas and now is the time to switch that moaning into celebration!  Today it is 61 degrees at noon (according to my little widget) and it ain't warming up fast out there.  Now is the time to get outside and get some great, creative workouts in.  While we are still focusing on our full marathon training (it's 25 days away people!), my mind finds itself wandering to thoughts of adventure race training and anything outside.  So with the weather in mind, this workout focuses on outside running and training.  It's simple, portable and very doable.


Run 1 mile
  follow with 25 burpees
Run 1 mile
  follow with 25 push ups
Run 1 mile
  follow with 50 mountain climbers
Repeat cycle once more for a total of 6 miles.

Congratulations, you have just successful worked out almost all your body parts!  Now onto the planks!
We love our planks - and we hope you do too.  Tony Horton would say something at this point about Love them, hate them.

Plank Workout:
1 minute standard extended arm plank
30 sec side plank (R)
30 sec side plank (L)
30 sec 1 arm/opposite leg lift plank (see pictures)
30 sec 1 arm/opposite leg lift plank (other side)

30 sec side plank (R)
30 sec side plank (L)

1 minute standard extended arm plank
30 sec standard extended arm plank with push ups
30 sec standard extended arm plank
end with 15 plank jacks (see youtube)

Here's Chris demonstrating the 1 arm/opposite leg left plank.  If you venture to youtube, most people will demonstrate it with the arm out front, however, holding the arm to the side creates a struggle to find more balance and is more of an advanced move.

Okay - on to product review.  THis is one Chris has been working on for a couple of months.

IGY Recovery Protein - you can find them & like them on FB here.  They sent Chris 3 containers a couple of months ago and he has been using them daily, wether it be after a body building/blasting workout in the gym or a run.

Legacy for Life, creator of IgY Recovery Proteins, is a successful international nutraceutical distribution company that provides the most natural, cutting-edge supplements available.  They marketed their product first to elite athletes, testing it to make sure that it met the high standards of recovery they had set.  

According to their research and website they claim that athletes are able to experience a 20% faster Recovery as well as 16% increase in Endurance, a 9% Increase in Anaerobic Power and a 3% increase in Muscular Strength.  I don't know how that translates into the positive effects that my husband has seen while using their product but I can tell you that he never misses an evening of taking his IgY.  It's simple to use - just throw a scoop (included in container) into a glass of water and drink.  Sometimes he gets all creative and adds to a smoothie or his favorite - chocolate milk.  

The only negative quality he had to say was that he had to really stir it as it seemed harder to mix then the chemical based Whey Protein he had been using.  So why do we prefer the IgY protein over the store variety whey protein?  Because it is natural - it comes from the hyperimmune egg.  Everyone knows that the protein of an egg is amazing.  But not everyone wants to down a few dozen eggs to achieve the recovery the egg protein can provide.  IgY is the perfect balance for this.  

You can find all the scientific data  in this cool little article here.  It'll tell you basically everything you need to know about this protein and the science they used in their research. IgY has managed to "can" a new and specific class of protein which leads to shorter recovery time, less muscle soreness and better overall performance - all particular concerns that athletes have.  Another main reason, and probably the most important, is that IgY is all natural and in a house where eating clean - especially in our recovery - is essential, the IgY Recovery Protein upholds what we feel is an important factor in our training and nutrition.  

Bottom line recommendation from my main man - it's a product worth investing in and using.  In this day and age, when  the importance of supplements has begun being pushed on athletes, it is important to know what is in your recovery drink and knowing that IgY is pure, natural and fits in with our training and nutritional habits means that it will be staying in our cabinet.  

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