Friday, October 21, 2011

Long Runs and Random Thoughts...

Maybe you haven't heard - but I'm training for this (the full):

Training includes Long Runs.

Long Runs often cause my brain to go into a zone that organizes many of my thoughts and helps me figure out answers to life questions.  Long Runs also keep me in touch with Christ as I spend a lot of time in reflection, meditation and focused on hearing Him instead of talking to Him.  But this mornings long run was different.

I had to split my run today as my hubs is having some pretty bad Plantar Faschitis flareup affecting his long run.  In order to get in my confidence runs - I've split them in half - he usually joins me for the 2nd half.  So the first half, I spent on the treadmill and my mind soon began to ask to quit.

But my thoughts went to friends who are also training for the same event and I kept going.  Thanks friends.  But my thoughts did go to Race preparation.

I've spent months reading every article, FB post, etc about race prep, gear, fuel, etc.  I've always had a plan and I even anticipate the jitters as I begin to taper.  So here's my plan:

1.  I will not carbo load the night before.  I know it sounds weird but I know my body.  And if I go to the start feeling bloated from the night before, my run will suffer greatly.  I'd rather go light and add fuel throughout the run.  But I will definitely carbo load 2 - 3 days before hand and my last carbo meal will be Saturday morning (pancakes, anyone?).

2.  I will do my last long runs in my race gear - my Team Beef running shirt, shorts, socks, etc.  These next few runs will definitely determine which shoes will make it to the start line (I have 2 in rotation and love the equally).  I will stuff my SPIbelt with my fuel gels, as well as try to master my gps system.

3.  I will begin to prepare my mind for taper week (I get all jittery and cranky) by trying to embrace the down time and play with friends that week and my kids.  I will also study the course - over and over again.

4.  I will buy baby aspirin and begin to take that and probably increase my anti - inflammatory program to decrease potential stiffness and injuries.  I will reflect on pacing and how I enjoy running behind my own personal pacer!

5.  I will keep my eye on the prize:

And since not everyone I know wants my marathon training program for themselves, I'm sharing this little workout for this upcoming week.  We recently became a part of the Spartan Street Team and so I'm promoting their workouts - this is one of my favorites:

2 mile run
200 lunges
100 pushups
4 mile run
200 body weight squats
100 burpees
4 mile run

Your a beast!!!  

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