Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warrior Training Anyone?

This morning I went on a lonely 8 mile run.  Usually I run with the hubs.  Unless its a treadmill run - he hates the treadmill!  Treadmills are great for Fartleks and sprints - at least they are for me - as I stay true to time and pace and incline, etc.  But unless a good episode of HWO...is on, the treadmill can become monotonous!

This morning tho, after Bible Study, I hit what the road for what I call the Dam (not a bad word) Run.  I start at Starbucks and run to the Dam and back for 4 miles of long, steady inclines and massive headwinds.  I should mention here that I often am accompanied by buzzards.  Some days I'm accompanied by some of the women in my Bible Study but they aren't runners and so they opted out of today's run.  The Buzzards are pretty faithful tho (I wonder if they think I might die out there?). 

One my second loop of the Dam Run, I was able to appreciate the humor of this sign: 

My mind immediately began thinking of what a great place for Spartan Warrior training!  After all, it has some of this: 

(can you see the barbwire?)

And for some added excitement, I could jump over a lot of this: 

 (better not miss my landing)

and then I could always practice slithering on my belly on some of this: 

And if that wasn't enough of a challenge, lest we forget the original sign: 

which pretty much means sprints & dodging of flying obstacles and big holes.  

But if you don't have such a great spot for your Spartan training, it's okay - because you can still do the WOD!!  

Cardio, Strength and Stretch circuit (CSS) 
w/u 800m run
  10 minute stretch
15 minutes cardio (running, biking, or cycling)
10 minutes leg only stretching AND 100 push ups
15 minutes cardio (running, biking, or cycling)
10 minute back core and arm stretching 
 100 body weight squats 
 100 traveling lunges
15 minutes cardio (running, biking or cycling)
c/d 800m jog 
 10 minute stretch

And finally, my mind, while focused on being a warrior, went to thoughts of who I am a warrior for or what I am a warrior of.  I am a warrior for Christ, first and foremost.  I am a warrior for my family (some would use the term advocate instead but warrior is just so cool).  I am a warrior against cancer and other things that pretty much suck.  And then of course, my mind went to my nephew, Aaron, who is a marine &  just returned from deployment in Afghanistan - He is probably the most ultimate warrior I know these days!  

So....are you a warrior?  
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