Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's a Journey...

It's a journey.  A life of adventures together.  That's what we've always said about our marriage.  That no matter where we went or how it turned out, that as long as we were doing it together, we'd be just fine.

The latest adventure in our life journey has taken us back to Oklahoma.  Here's some overwhelmingly  
silly pictures taken along the move.

This just some of the stuff that we had to pack to take to our "transition house".  Our BIL/SIL have been kind enough to allow us to live with them until further notice. 

This was my view for 8 hours.  

Even the Middle moved.  She got a very cute co-pilot tho. 

Our Uhaul, the car..

My truck and oh yes...that would be another Uhaul.  No, we don't have a lot of stuff.  It's just all big stuff. 

Immediately upon arriving at the BIL/SIL House, our oldest companion decided to take a swim.  And sit at the in pool bench and wait for her dinner to be served.  

Finally after unloading into 2 storage spaces (2 Uhauls = 2 storages), we got settled and got to visit the Center of The Universe Festival for Trailer food and live music.  

I've managed to get back to running, and even biked today.  

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