Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tulsa's Best Kept Secret....

The other day I had the opportunity to visit a very well kept secret in Tulsa.  They don't want it to be a secret, so I told them I'd be more then happy to get the word out.  Did you know Tulsa actually has a spin studio?  

Not stationary bikes in a room with an instructor who learned via youtube videos - but a SPIN STUDIO!  In the heart of Brookside, on top of the legendary Brook, with windows overlooking Riverside and all that is Brookside!  It's awesome.  I hear that during the fall and winter, they turn the lights down low in the evenings, light some candles and get some crazy SPIN going!  

It's Physique by Moniques!  Meet Monique...

 She's pretty much a beast and feels the same as I do - don't waste your time - work your hardest, sweat your best!  She's bad A**.  

This is what one of the Spin classes look like.  And they have multiple instructors...
with a schedule that should fit yours.  You can check out their schedule below: 

And because I have a frustrated, wannabe photographer inside of me, I just couldn't resist this snapshot.  They have a place for personal training, weights & strength training, core, and a TRX room, complete with a rope!  I refer to it as the torture chamber.  :)
Their spin bikes are the top of the line new Schwinn AC Performance Pro spin bikes. Even the local bike clubs can book the studio for private training sessions during the winter!  Tulsa gets cold, peeps, come inside!!  They over a variety of options for corporate challenges, boot camps, personal training and event preparation.  They are great for the newbie cyclist to learn the basics of gear shifting and developing a little "saddle time".  What's also great - is that you can  book a personal training session with Monique, Alison or Carrie!
I met with Monique and Joy and absolutely adored them both.  Monique is very much like me - wants to torture you until you find your inner warrior and succeed beyond your own belief in yourself.  Joy is more quiet, she seems like she'll be the one who nurtures you along the way and always has a hug and high five for you.  But both women, are about empowering others, helping their clients find wellness and health and believe that it takes mind, body and soul to achieve one's best.  My kind of peeps!  
Go check them out - it's just like a yoga studio.  You buy so many classes or passes.  Only it's not yoga because it's SPIN.  It's going to push you beyond limits you have placed upon yourself and when you leave, you will leave sweaty and knowing that you left in the Spin studio.  And that's worth going for.  
To get the most up to date schedule and class cost, visit their website at here.  And when you go in, tell them Becky sent you.  
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